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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Jun 15, 2021

Pregnancy takes two to tango. Infertility is caused by the man half the time. 

In this episode, we dive into the topic of male infertility, as more couples than ever before in recorded history are struggling to have a child. 

Why is this happening? And what can a guy wanting a child do to ensure his genes get passed down to the next generation? 

Statistics show that when a couple cannot have a child, the male has the infertility issue 50 percent of the time. More men are opening up to this topic as the industry loses its stigma.  

Tom Smith is just the right guy to provide us some answers.  

Tom is the CEO and co-founder of Dadi, a cutting-edge male fertility business disrupting the industry. His entrepreneurial pedigree includes the sale of two software startups, and he began his career as a member of Apple’s first iPhone team. 

This Toronto-native has a lot to say about the sperm bank industry - how it stayed stagnant for forty years, and you will be impressed with how Dadi innovations make the male infertility treatments accessible for men while providing affordable sperm storage.    

Male sperm count and health are often an overlooked angle to infertility. With Dadi, you can get tested from the convenience of your home and obtain your results within 24 hours of returning your sample. 

Please don’t be embarrassed by this topic. Tom understands what you're going through. If you know a couple struggling with infertility, be sure to send them this episode.  


In this podcast, we cover:

  • Why did Tom shift into the male fertility industry and leave the tech industry?
  • The factors causing severe drops in male fertility globally
  • How Dadi serves men struggling with infertility (business model)
  • How to get your sperm count tested (conveniently and comfortably)
  • What a guy with a low sperm count can do to raise his fertility
  • The latest developments in artificial insemination
  • Porn and sex robot influences on male fertility


There is no single factor causing male infertility. Multiple elements are converging:

According to Tom, many factors are working together to decrease men’s sperm counts. 

We know that male fertility counts have been in steady decline over the past 40 years. For example, if you are, say, 33 years old today, when your father was 33 years old, he was likely 50 percent more fertile than you are now. 

Partially to blame for this decline in male fertility are environmental factors like toxins, plastics, and chemicals. 

According to Tom, another significant factor is the general health of the male population. Many men today are living “non-active” lifestyles. Also, our diets are much different today, with all the processing and additives, dyes, and chemicals in the food. 

Then, consider how young people are waiting longer to have children, steadily increasing later and later. This means many couples are ready to have a baby when they are past their peak fertility point.  

What is the mission of Dadi? To “normalize the conversation around reproductive health.” 

Tom shares how his company is strategically creating awareness of the male’s part in infertility. Dadi’s industry innovations are a big reason why this topic is spreading. 

For example, the company offers the Dadi kit, which makes it so much easier for men to provide their sperm samples without the awkwardness of going to a clinic and then escorting them to a smaller room where they get asked to masturbate into a cup. Even though the room is private, that process can still be quite uncomfortable for most men. 

So Dadi moved the process to the home thanks to their revolutionary home kit, delivered right to your door. Once your sample is in the cup provided, you push a button that releases a preservative that keeps your sample in a quality condition while returning to Dadi. 

FedEx returns the kit overnight, and you will then receive your fertility report in 24 hours. Your sample gets stored for free for a year. Storage is super helpful for those men going through chemotherapy. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to keep your sperm frozen for future usage, you certainly can do that through Dadi for just $99 per year.   

Men should be proactive when it comes to their general health and their fertility in particular. There are factors in your environment that try to steal your dream of having a child. Once you know those factors and what to do about them, you become empowered with knowledge. 

Tune in and hear what Tom Smith has to share. Male infertility shouldn’t be a taboo topic. Your dreams of becoming a dad are still possible. Dadi is offering you a chance to get there. All you have to do is walk through their door by tuning in. 

This podcast could be your first step to becoming a father.  


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