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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Mar 23, 2021

Everything You Know About Skin Care is Wrong - with Danny Neifert

Before our guest Danny Neifert dove into the four pillars of optimal skin health, show host Wade T. Lightheart asks her about the “dark arts” of skincare that mislead people into painful procedures and applications. Many skincare routines and products do more damage than good — or they do nothing at all. Danny talks about all of this from her years of experience as a licensed aesthetician with over twenty years of experience with natural product formulating and hands-on individual treatments with clients.

She is a clean beauty advocate and speaker, author of Relearning Skincare, The Story of Skin and the New Way, who loves to bring skin health back down to earth through story and practicality. 

In this podcast, we cover:

  • How Danny ended up going down the rabbit hole of skincare and emerged an expert
  • How our skin is our first line of defense - which is why we should treat our skin well - not burn, clog or scrape it abusively
  • The “caveman” and “cave girl” skincare method
  • The dodgy marketing techniques that suck you into the beauty aisle at your local drug store
  • What types of skincare you should avoid
  • The four pillars of skin health - the “bill of rights for skin”
  • Functional medicine model: skin is hydrated, nourished, and unclogged

How Danny’s skincare career started with a bottle of horrible pink goop…

In her early twenties, Danny was a young mother - when she brought home her first child from the hospital. This is when Danny became mindful of the importance of taking care of our skin. She bathed her infant daughter, then applied something from KMART called baby magic. Danny remembers the product was pink and smelled like melted plastic. “Even back then, I had the good sense to give her another bath to take it off.” 

Before her first child’s bath, the skin was not something Danny thought much about. Becoming a parent sent Danny on a quest to understanding our skin. She went down the “rabbit hole” of the skincare industry, spent thousands of dollars to further her education, and the twists and turns of this 20-year journey led Danny to her current skincare business that she describes as a hybrid of medical skincare and natural skincare.  

Got acne? Be careful which products you choose.

Danny talks about acne - what causes it and how to treat it. Most acne products you find on store shelves are astringent, which will dehydrate your skin. Danny says dehydrated skin is the most significant contributor to congested skin. Congested and dry are the same thing with skin. Our skin is supposed to be soft and permeable and a release organ. You are supposed to have a whitehead once in awhile. If you never have a whitehead, your skin is probably dehydrated. 

Acne products dry out our skin at an extreme level, which causes the skin to get congested, and Danny describes the build-up as like your skin is constipated below the surface. So don’t use acne products. If you use them and don’t have acne, eventually, you will.

Tune in as Danny Neifert tears down the myths of skincare. There’s a difference between cosmetic industry skincare vs. natural skincare. Stop getting ripped off by “Big Skincare.” Change the way you care for your skin and start glowing with a new radiant look - like we’re all supposed to look! Men will benefit from this episode, too. You can look years younger by implementing some simple skincare changes! 

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