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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Sep 2, 2021

Here’s why many doctors are NOT healthy...

Not all medical professionals live a healthy lifestyle. The long hours filled with stress coupled with diets supplied by hospital cafeterias and vending machines are a toxic combination. 

Our guest, Alejandro Junger, knows this firsthand. 

Dr. Junger’s life didn’t start that way. He was born and raised in Uruguay, and he describes his childhood as being closely connected to the natural environment. Some of his most vivid memories are of his father at the local market teaching young Alejandro how to pick out fruits and vegetables through touch and smell. His youth was spent “in the moment.”   

But when Dr. Junger moved to New York for postgraduate training in internal medicine, he experienced a blast of culture shock. Suddenly, he was working long hours with little time to cook his food. Naturally, he ate from the food sources at the hospital where he worked. 

Hospital food has never been known for its health benefits. 

These drastic lifestyle changes wreaked havoc on Dr. Junger. As a workaholic, he lost touch with his body, mind, and spirit and became afflicted with irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, and depression. 

Through a series of events along life’s road, Dr. Junger’s well-being was holistically revived - his story is incredible. Be sure to tune in and hear how Dr. Junger’s open mind led him to shift his medical career from allopathic healthcare to a medical practice heavily influenced by Eastern medicine. 

Becoming a patient inside the same healthcare system he worked in was a wake-up call. Dr. Junger became a functional doctor who incorporates Ayurveda and is now an expert in gut health and nutrition. 

Today, Dr. Junger is known as “The Father of Detox.” His Clean Program is followed by people worldwide, including dignitaries, A-List celebrities, and media personalities. 


In this podcast, we cover:

  • Dr. Alejandro’s journey from severe illnesses and prescription medications to a remarkable holistic health revival
  • Why meditation plays a significant role in Dr. Junger’s healing program
  • How Dr. Junger is fusing western and eastern medicine
  • Dr. Junger’s powerful detox program
  • What happens emotionally and psychologically after detoxification
  • Why do our modern conveniences hurt our health?
  • How Dr. Junger went from helping people in medical crises to instead, prevent medical problems ahead of time


Physical, Mental, & Emotional Toxicity are ONE

During this episode, here is a snippet from Dr. Junger: “In Ayurvedic medicine, thousands of years ago, they did not distinguish between mental, emotional and physical toxicity. They’re all called under an umbrella name - AMA. Some say A-M-M-A. This is a Sanskrit word that encompasses toxic elements. And they include mental, emotional, and physical factors. 

Now, what is the relationship between them? Ultimately, we’re just energy. Whatever vibration your physical body is, it will attract thoughts and emotions as a means average. Are you going to help them be released? 

“You need to make this available for everyone.”

Dr. Junger: “I started doing the detoxification with my friends, family, and then my patients. Over time, as I started getting lots of good results, people said, ‘you need to scale up. You need to make this available to everyone. That is when my program became a company.”

“The program is a set of things that you do. It involves food, supplements, and activity that creates the conditions for your body to work its detoxification system at maximum efficiency for optimal health.”

“Functional medicine talks about the seven systems. The communication system, hormones, nerves, cardiovascular system, transport system, defense, repair system, and immune system have to be equalized because any system will affect other systems. Imagine one system messing up the other six. Balancing them helps 60% of the people I see with all their health problems.”

“It’s about decreasing the workload of the digestive system and decreasing the need for the body to keep on the inflammatory system. By reducing the workload of the digestive system during breakfast and dinner, replacing solid meals with liquid that’s easier to digest, a shake in the morning and night and a solid meal at midday, eliminating all the foods known to cause all kinds of reactions, acidity, mucus, and eliminating allergic foods - doing this for 21 days plus certain supplements to enhance liver detoxification - the results are unbelievable.” 

Dr. Junger’s message to the world is you can find health and wellness again through detoxification. You need someone to show you how to do it effectively. Dr. Junger has a proven detoxification process. Tune in and discover how to clean your body, soul, and mind in 21 days. (Or start with his 7-day program if you only have a week.) 

Check out this episode - time to remove toxins and feel fantastic! 


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