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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Dec 31, 2020

In this episode, we discuss the importance of having a flexible attitude regarding our health and being able to pivot in life when a door closes. We must find a new door to walk through to reach our goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle as we mature.

Our guest Dave Sherwin is a certified fitness nutrition...

Dec 29, 2020

Healing PTSD from the pandemic with nootropics is one area of expertise of today's Awesome Health podcast guest, David Tomen. David specializes in treating PTSD and avoiding age-related memory loss, brain fog and fatigue through nootropic supplementation.

Dec 24, 2020

If there are two things our guest does exceptionally well it is overcoming obstacles and finding a tribe. Joe Distefano has overcome a traumatic brain injury and tapped into a back-to-nature approach to nutrition and health to regain control of his well-being, his happiness and his life.

Joe is a lifelong health and...

Dec 22, 2020

If you’re aiming for better overall health through blue light reduction there are many options on the market. But which is the best and most effective? Our guest today, James Swanwick, has created the foremost blue light blocking glasses in the marketplace today.

James is an Australian-American investor, entrepreneur,...

Dec 17, 2020

Joining us today is the foremost expert on the links between gluten, your brain and your gut health: Dr. Tom O'Bryan. Dr. Tom is considered a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ for chronic disease. He holds teaching faculty positions with the Institute for Functional Medicine and the National University of Health Sciences.

He is...