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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Nov 10, 2022

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer for women in the United States. While this is alarming, there are things that women can do to reduce their risk of recurrence.

The first step is to understand your risk factors. Family history is one of the biggest risk factors for breast cancer. 

If you have a mother or sister who has had breast cancer, your risk doubles. Other risk factors include:

  • Age
  • Personal history of breast cancer
  • Dense breasts
  • And certain genetic mutations such as BRCA1 and BRCA2.

There are lifestyle choices that can help reduce your risk as well. Maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly can lower your chances of reoccurrence by up to 25%. 

Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains has also been shown to reduce the risk.

Holistic ways to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer

Dr. Carol Lourie is a naturopathic doctor with over three decades of experience helping women heal from breast cancer. She believes that incorporating holistic and integrative strategies can make a big difference in reducing the risk of recurrence.

For many women, the first two years after treatment are the most critical for preventing recurrence. But there are things you can do to improve your odds.

Some of the things Dr. Lourie recommends nurturing nutrition, targeted supplementation, healthy lifestyle changes, and an empowered mindset. 

She also believes that addressing the emotional and spiritual components of breast cancer is crucial for deep healing to occur.

Effects of radiation doctors don't usually talk about

Many people don't realize that there are side effects of radiation that doctors usually don't talk about. 

This can include things like the impact on your mitochondria, the risk of developing more aggressive cancers, and the impact on your intimate relationships. 

It's important to be aware of these things so that you can be prepared for them and understand what you're going through. 

If you or someone you know has cancer, make sure to reach out for help and support so that you can get through this tough time.

Genomics Testing and why cancer patients need it.

Carol Lourie also endorses genomics testing. She believes that this type of testing is essential in order to properly treat cancer.

Genomics testing looks at the specific genes that are involved in cancer. This information can help doctors choose the best treatment for each patient. It can also help eligible patients find clinical trials that may be life-saving.

Lourie believes that genomics testing should be standard of care for all cancer patients.

In this podcast you'll learn about:

  • What are the benefits of the Healing Smoothie? 
  • Importance of having a mantra for yourself when dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis
  • What are some of the things that you can do to detoxify your home?
  • Importance of genomic testing
  • How to recover from the trauma of cancer.
  • Habits you can build to improve your nutrition?
  • And so much more



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