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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Apr 14, 2022

This episode will expand your appreciation of light beyond a mere tool of vision.
Matt Maruca is the founder and CEO of Ra Optics, which teaches people about the important roles that light plays in health, and develops the most advanced light therapy-based products for transforming health. Learning the biology of light led Matt to the discovery that we are beings of light which helped him learn to let go of being sick as an aspect of his identity, and propelled him on a spiritual journey to realize the unlimited nature of our human experience.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The difference in how natural and artificial light impact our body and health.
  • How to increase our focus on the energy centers of our life.
  • Why it’s important to know why our cells respond to light.
  • The origin of our circadian rhythm.
  • How to recognize and cultivate your own inner light.