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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Feb 3, 2022

For those haunted by a dark past - here’s proof you can turn your life around - starting today! 

One of the biggest takeaways from our guest’s story is this: whatever secrets are in your past do not dictate your future (unless you allow it.) 

Doug Bopst is a good example. He went from being a drug addict, drug dealer, and convicted felon to one of America’s top fitness trainers. 

He entered prison obese and unable to do one push-up. He left prison with a passion for exercise, and this positive focus proved to be a crucial turning point. 

But how did Doug do this? So many other drug dealers end up dead or in prison for life. Or, they get out but return to crime, never reaching their full potential. 

Why did Doug’s story turn out differently? How did he end up writing three books, becoming a public speaker and a fitness guru? 

This former junkie, dope dealer, and out-of-shape fast-food addict became a clean, fit, upstanding citizen through a remarkable journey you will have to hear to believe. Be sure to tune in to this episode as Doug pours his heart out, hoping that one person out there will find hope and strength through his story. 

Doug is indeed an award-winning personal trainer, author, and host of the Adversity Advantage Podcast - a show that’s on a crusade to inspire others to overcome adversity and become the best version of themselves. 

He’s a great communicator in front of the camera, with appearances on NBC’s ‘Today Show,’ Men’s Health, Forbes, Rich Roll’s podcast, Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, The Skinny Confidential Him and Her podcast, Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey, The Be Well by Kelly podcast with Kelly LeVeque, The Blonde Files podcast with Arielle Lorre and more.

A short documentary covering his story called ‘From Felony to Fitness to Free’ has been screened at The Reel Recovery Film Festival in Los Angeles and New York City.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Doug’s incredible story of drug addiction, crime, prison, recovery, and redemption
  • The role fitness played in Doug’s recovery
  • How Doug’s prison cellmate changes his life
  • The physical and mental benefits exercise offers young men 
  • How to get comfortable with uncomfortable emotions (like pain) and channel that into your transformation
  • How does Doug train his typical fitness clients?
  • Why do people want to train with Doug?
  • What Doug would say to someone struggling with addiction right now 

How Jail Saved Doug’s Life

Doug shares his complete story - why he got arrested, what happened when he stood before the Judge and his experiences inside the prison. 

Doug says, “When I walked through the gates of the jail, I cried because I didn’t want to go in, and when I left, I cried because I didn’t want to leave.”

“Crazy, right?” 

“On top of all that panic, fear, anger, uncertainty, and depression - all these emotions, I had a horrific opiate addiction going into jail. So my first few weeks behind bars, I detoxed cold turkey from oxycontin.” 

Yikes. Doug and Wade talk more about how rough it is for someone to detox cold turkey off of hard narcotics.

“Sitting in discomfort” - how Doug’s growing comfort level with pain was critical to his transformation:

Doug tells Wade at one point: “I think for many other people struggling with addiction and me, we use substances to numb pain. We use substances to get rid of any feelings of discomfort we’re feeling at that moment. Like when someone feels stressed out from work, and they go home and drink a bottle of wine that night to forget about that day.”

“I was that guy who was completely uncomfortable feeling any kind of discomfort, so fitness gave me a positive outlet to take that discomfort I was feeling and change my state of mind - get out of my head and turn it into something positive.”

“When I was in jail, I would go for a walk. Then, I could process my thoughts.”

“Use fitness to change your state of mind.” 

What an inspiring episode! Many people die of shame after making some poor decisions in their life. Doug Bopst proves you don’t have to stay stuck in the past, wallowing in guilt. Instead of replaying your past over and over again, discover how fitness and spirituality can pull anyone up out of the mud, clean them up, and set them on a new life path of success.

Check out this episode - tune in and turn your tragedy into triumph!  

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