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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Jul 20, 2021

Attention Women Who Work 60+ Hours & Have Children: You Can Look & Feel Better Than Ever

If you are a smart, ambitious, upwardly-mobile woman working as a corporate executive or a business owner - you understand how precious time can be. 

Having an exciting career brings some fantastic benefits to a woman’s life. However, when it comes to looking and feeling your best physically, finding the time to do that can be challenging. Gym workouts, crazy diets, meal prep, eating healthy at restaurants - your career throws many obstacles at you when it comes to staying in shape and feeling good about wearing that sexy dress. 

And then there is the baby factor. Many successful women experience the “ticking biological clock” in their 30s - they want to have a child! Maybe two or three! Which is such a life-altering thing to do. One of the areas of life that get cut out in the career mom routine is paying attention to their physical fitness. 

Unfortunately, when this occurs, many smart and savvy career ladies feel unhappy with their appearance, which causes cascading results like avoiding social invitations because you don’t have any outfits you feel good in or simply not feeling good in general. The adverse effects of obesity are well documented.

What if you could lose 40 pounds while working 60+ hours per week?  You absolutely can. In this episode, our guest is health coach Nagina Abdullah. In this exciting conversation, Nagina shares how she lost 40 pounds in 7 months while working full time as a mom. Nagina has already taught 700 other women how to do this as well. The testimonials show that Nagina’s approach to looking and feeling great fits perfectly with a career woman’s lifestyle because it doesn’t require hours in the gym. 

Be sure to listen in as Nagina shares her secrets to boosting your metabolism using some simple things in your kitchen cabinet. 

Nagina’s expertise has been featured on FOX NEWS, TIME,,, and Business Insider.  


In this podcast, we cover:

  • Why this California girl followed her dreams to work in New York City
  • How Nagina’s physical weight was “blocking” her from being the woman she wanted to be
  • Secret weapons to weight loss found in your kitchen cabinet
  • Nagina’s experiences starting motherhood while working
  • What are the biggest challenges facing women’s health that Nagina is seeing
  • Nagina’s biggest frustration early on as a coach and how she turned it around to success 
  • How to make eating healthy easy 


The Pressure to Have Kids & Stay In Shape at the Same Time

Nagina is part of the Indian culture, where there is still a lot of pressure to have children. Most cultures still have this pressure to some degree. When asked about her experience as a successful corporate executive who wanted to become a mother, Nagina said, “ I just wanted to indulge in being a new mom and taking care of my baby and learning from it. I was on full leave with my company, and I pretty much had nothing else to do except focus on being a mom. It was heavenly. I loved it.”

“Then, after three or four months, I started to feel good again. I started to feel “back to normal” and just went with my body and didn’t put any pressure on myself. Then when I felt healthy and was ready to work again, I had a lot of energy.”

But this is where so many women end up gaining significant amounts of weight over time. They feel “back to normal” after maternity leave, but their diet and lack of exercise prevent them from losing their pregnancy weight. So, many women will want another child and often give birth to a second child around 16 months later. After the second maternity leave, they go back to work with even more weight than after the first child was born. 

As you can see, this is a typical cycle of weight gain that leads many women to an unhappy place physically. “I didn’t enjoy having this physical weight slow me down,” said Nagina. 

A super-fit in her thirties can end up looking much different after two or three children. This profile is the type of woman Nagina works with to help them regain their youthful figure.  

Professional women are smart - but they still need help and accountability

Women executives and entrepreneurs are intelligent and hard working. However, career women are not immune to the food temptations and stress eating that afflicts everyone. Eating out with colleagues is something people expect. What can you eat and lose weight out at a bar? These ladies don’t know what choices to make on the menu. 

Accountability is a significant factor in Nagina’s coaching - and a key component to her client’s successful results. Once the accountability component to her coaching service was established, Nagina’s coaching took off. 

Clients began sending her before/after pictures. She then began creating online group programs. Nagina also has higher-end programs for super busy women who are physicians and entrepreneurs. 

Nagina has a 58-year-old client who recently lost 55 pounds in the last eight months! Another client is a professional woman in her forties, and she dropped 25 pounds as a mother of three kids. She’s now feeling great!

It would be best to tune into the entire episode to discover the weight loss secrets for career women that Nagina has to offer. She can teach you how to eat delicious foods and still lose weight without insane amounts of time spent on exercise. 

If you’re a career woman who is unhappy with your weight and want to feel good again, check out this episode! 


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