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BiOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Jul 15, 2021

Attention Men Who Are Struggling with Low Energy & Low Libido: You Can Get Your Spark Back 

If your male mojo is currently lost, this episode of the Awesome Health Podcast could change your life. 

There is nothing shameful about having “low-T” or “low testosterone” or any other hormone imbalance as a man. You did nothing wrong. Your endocrine system changed for some reason, which is something entirely out of your control. 

There are answers if you know where to look. 

Our guest in this episode, Saad Alam, wants you to know that you can feel like your old self again through his unique approach to hormone therapy. Saad experienced low testosterone firsthand and shared his personal story during this interview with our host Wade Lightheart

Saad knows what it’s like to “feel sad all the time” and not understand why. He knows what it’s like to lose your sex drive, causing relationship issues. 

He’s been there and done that. And came out on the other side happier and more energized about life than ever before.  

Once he figured this out through a long and difficult journey, Saad decided to channel his entrepreneurial spirit into starting the Hone Health business, dedicated to offering dignified hormone therapies to men. 

Saad understands the “seedy” vibe surrounding men’s hormone therapy. He knows that too much shady marketing, quackery, and cookie-cutter approaches tainted the male hormone therapy industry. This is why Saad dedicated his business to providing a comfortable, respectful service for men struggling with hormone challenges. Saad helps men by educating them on male hormone issues as well as providing therapies. Through education, you can find clarity on your condition and make better decisions about your needs. 

If you are feeling “off” these days, listen in as Wade and Saad go on a deep dive into the world of testosterone replacement therapy.  


In this podcast, we cover:

  • Saad’s journey from rugged athlete to ZERO energy and libido, then back to restored manhood
  • How steroid scandals in professional sports confused men’s perceptions about testosterone
  • Other hormone therapies for men apart from testosterone 
  • How to navigate through the adjustment phases while receiving testosterone therapy
  • How Saad has streamlined the hormone process, so you don’t spend too much time and money 
  • Why men need to be careful who they get medical info from and avoid the “bro science” on social media
  • Why men should monitor their hormone numbers regularly


Why you need more than just a test result - finding out your hormone numbers is only the beginning.

These days, a guy can go to a service like Lab Corp. and get their hormone levels lined out. That’s fine. But what are you going to do with that information? Unless you’re a medical professional, we don’t advise you to try to figure it out through a Google search. 

As a man with hormone issues, you are likely to be dealing with some psychological issues. Saad says, “The psychological problems that result from all the changes are worse than the physical changes alone. Because all of a sudden, you are questioning yourself and your identity as a man. So much of a man’s identity is wrapped up in providing for their family, taking care of aging parents, caring for children, being a role model for a younger sibling, building a business. All these things can hit you at once. You can get into a negative feedback loop where you question yourself over and over. Frankly, it messes with you. As guys, we are bad at admitting something is wrong.”  

Saad says he sees too many men who go five, ten, or fifteen years keeping their struggles to themselves until things get so bad they have to talk. 

If you think it’s okay, this is what happens to men when you get to be 35 or 40 years old. Stop right there! No - it doesn’t have to be like that at all. 

Saad says, “I’m blessed that so many of the people I get to see daily are ages 60, 70, or 80 years old, and they look like they’re 30 to 45 years old. So much of this is a mindset. They think they’re young, and they take care of themselves.” 

What was the trigger point for Saad when he knew something was wrong?

At one point, Wade asks Saad what brought him to the point where he acknowledged there was something wrong, and he needed help? 

Saad said, “I’ve been very fortunate that I can juggle a lot of things all at once in my life. I’ve always gone home to see my family every other weekend, regardless of where I lived. And there came the point where I couldn’t. I remember it was clearly in the back of my mind - something is off. But I can’t figure out what is going on. But I couldn’t figure out how all the concepts connected. I couldn’t apply this idea to other subject matters, even though I knew applying this idea would make those other areas juicier.”

“Then, on top of that, I was supposed to go see my family that weekend. And I remember I was planning to take my girl out to dinner, and I told her I couldn’t do it because I don’t have enough energy.”

“All of a sudden, I thought, I’m that guy - something is wrong.” 

“I love reading, and one day I was reading something really valuable, something that excited me. But I couldn’t grasp it. I couldn’t put the pieces together. I knew the idea was brilliant. It was giving me a rush through my entire body.”

“I knew I was sleeping well. So that wasn’t the problem. At that point, I knew I needed to go figure it out. It was emotionally tough. When my first doctor told me nothing was wrong, and it was all in my head, it was devastating because he was a guy I trusted.”

Saad saw 11 specialists in 6 months before he began finding answers. 

Now, he wants to help you find answers to your male hormone issues.

There is much more to this conversation you don’t want to miss. Ladies, if your man struggles with low libido, low energy, mood changes, or depression - tune in to this episode. And share it with someone who could use this great information. Saad shares his knowledge in a respectful, easy-to-digest way. 

Check out this episode - you CAN feel like a man again with the correct information! 


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