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BiOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Jun 17, 2021

The solution to your protein powder dilemma is here. 

Every fitness buff enjoys a good protein shake. They are simple to make and convenient for people on the go. 

Unfortunately, most protein shakes include a downside, depending on which diet you follow: vegans avoid powders with whey in the ingredients so that rules out a bunch of options for them. Meanwhile, keto lovers often end up with digestive issues from inferior quality whey in the protein powders. Many people, including some keto followers, have a sensitivity to whey or dairy ingredients. Hence, a whey protein powder causes them to have explosive diarrhea, stomach cramps, and other unpleasant issues. 

Whey is not the only problem. The protein powder industry is a minefield of questionable, troublesome ingredients - from sweeteners to emulsifiers - preservatives, sugars, plant sources, caffeine (or other stimulants), how the powder is processed - there are so many traps out there from product to product. 

This is why the founders of Bioptimizers - Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant - decided to go “all in” to bring to the market a protein powder like no other. 

In this episode, you will get a sneak peek at the formation of this tasty, potent protein powder that is a perfect fit for vegans - wait till you hear what’s in Protein Breakthrough! And keto lovers dealing with intestinal overload, bloating, distended stomach, and other digestive issues will be blown away by the ingredients, including the incredible source of chocolate in the shake that is super healthy and satisfies your sweet tooth. 

Wade & Matt are leaders in the supplemental space, and each has an impressive resume in the health and fitness field. Wade is a former bodybuilder who competed in the Mr. Universe competition. He has been a vegan bodybuilder now for twenty years. Matt has a degree in kinesiology. He is a strength and conditioning coach and a serial entrepreneur who built 13 companies in 20 years. 


In this podcast, we cover


  • Wade’s 20-year “dark journey” to find the perfect protein powder recipe



  • Wade’s story - from bodybuilding champion to “a bag of crap” who then became vegan and rose back up to successful fitness entrepreneur  



  • Wade’s dietary history and Matt’s dietary history



  • Why both Matt and Wade can’t wait for Protein Breakthrough



  • The potent protein power of hemp seeds



  • Why pumpkin seeds make a fantastic ingredient for this protein powder



  • Why a diet low in enzymes is highly detrimental to your health



  • The extraordinary quality of chocolate in Protein Breakthrough



  • The food science behind the emulsifiers in this new protein powder


  • How Matt picked the perfect sweetener for Protein Breakthrough




Why Wade’s Mission is to Help People Overcome Poor Digestion

For Wade to become a three-time Canadian national Bodybuilding Champion and competitor for Mr. Universe required some severe self-discipline. Wade had that in spades. 

But what Wade didn’t have back in those days was knowledge about digestion. He was eating a lacto-vegetarian diet. That was fine. Whey protein shakes became a big part of his training routine and required for him to build muscle mass naturally.

As Wade was slamming back a ton of whey, the problem was his digestive capabilities were limited in processing all of that whey protein. He hoped that the whey would aid in his workout recovery. Instead, all that whey protein was creating “a sickly layer of black, dark, rotting sludge” building upon his intestinal walls. He didn’t realize that his protein shake of choice was feeding the “bad bacteria” in his gut, where they multiplied and caused him so much trouble, he became “a marshmallow man.” Wade suffered from brain fog as his leaky gut allowed the sludge to enter his bloodstream. 

After his Mr. Universe competition, Wade gained 42 pounds of fat and water. This drastic drop in fitness slammed him psychologically. 

Wade knows how practical and life-changing a protein powder can be. Now, he is off-the-charts excited about what Protein Breakthrough offers those who need high-quality, meatless protein. 

Matt Says this “beautiful” ingredient is arguably the closest food to “perfection”…

During this revealing conversation, Matt recalls Wade’s introduction to hemp protein.  This was a game-changer for Wade as a bodybuilder. 

Back then, Vancouver, Canada, was an early hotbed for hemp. Wade also personally knew one of the “godfathers” of hemp protein - the machine’s creator that broke down those tiny hemp seeds into a powder. 

Wade suddenly noticed he got more robust as an early adopter and had faster workout recoveries after using hemp protein powder. Wade was so impressed with the results, he and Matt began sharing this discovery with the athletes they were training - 15,000 worldwide - over the next four years. 

Wade did not care at the time how poorly hemp seeds tasted back in those days. Fortunately, hemp processing has come a long way, along with the food science that now enables hemp seed protein to taste fantastic. 

All the other ingredients in the mix together are what make Protein Breakthrough so tasty. You don’t have to swallow something that tastes like dirt anymore to get optimized results. This isn’t the early 2000s. 

Protein Breakthrough is a genuinely cutting-edge product that Wade has been searching for for 20 years to find. As a vegan bodybuilder, he dreamed that advances in food technology and food science would one day create a “holy grail” protein powder that vegans would love to drink! Not just tolerate. 

The time has come.

Wade’s “dark journey” is finally over.  

“I feel like the guy that was searching for Shangri-La - he’s lost in the wilderness and has all these crazy adventures, and then he finally stumbles into the enchanted canyon and finds it [paradise].”  

Listening to Matt and Wade passionately share from their heart is a lot of fun. Tune in, and you will quickly notice how genuine their enthusiasm is for Protein Breakthrough. Finally! A protein powder that vegans and keto lovers can both enjoy. Athletes are going to love this. Kids will request it as a snack. Mothers will be able to trust that it's healthy. Athletes and vegetarians are going to flock to this product. And meat-eaters will throw away their whey Frankenstein shakes and embrace something truly delicious.

Tune in, save money, feel better, get stronger - this episode could change your life.

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