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May 19, 2021


“Your health is your wealth.”

Like us all, the Trainer to the Stars got hit by the 2020 pandemic that is still with us in 2021. “It has been an interesting year,” Steve Jordan says understatedly to kick off the interview. 

However, throughout this conversation, Steve shares with Wade the importance of keeping a positive mindset through it all. “I took a step back  (during lockdowns.) It was really enlightening and uplifting to hear you read my resume and background because we don’t often get an opportunity to reflect on where we came from. I can write down what I’ve done axnd read it out loud, or you could write it out, and it sounds so much different when somebody else reads it.”

“Some might shy away from that, but I think it was awesome to hear because it acknowledges the fact that I’ve done the work and been able to take advantage of awesome opportunities. I’ve been able to be on multiple platforms to help people create health and wellness, abundance, and lifestyle approaches that I teach to my clients.

Steve’s incredible two-and-a-half decade career as a health and fitness coach began as a personal trainer at the White House! Along his journey, Steve became a media celebrity in the fitness niche, appearing on programs like Dr. Oz, The Today Show, Men’s Fitness, Self, E!, along with dozens of additional media outlets, podcasts, books, and appearances. His passion for helping people live a better life is infectious. Steve doesn’t follow the herd when it comes to the latest health data and practices. 

In his private health and fitness studio in Los Angeles called Westwood Private Fitness, along with his second location OC FIT in Corona Del Mar, he works with elite clients. 

Plus, Steve hosts his top-rated health and fitness podcast called The Steve Jordan Experience. On that show, Steve talks with other health care professionals about all things related to health and fitness. 

Steve is an articulate and inspiring speaker, which is why he frequently gets asked to speak at such places as the University of Maryland, William Morris Endeavor, and Robb Report Health & Wellness Summit. He leads regular retreats at Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort and Luxury Spa. 

In this podcast, we cover:

  • How to get back into a fitness and health routine after lockdowns
  • The first and most crucial question Steve asks his new fitness clients
  • How Steve came back from a debilitating car wreck
  • A peek behind the curtain at Steve’s upcoming new book 
  • What does a typical day look like for the “trainer to the stars”?
  • When time is short, what areas of health does Steve prioritize? 
  • Some signs that older exercisers can use to gauge how hard they should train
  • How Steve adapted his business and his personal life to the pandemic restrictions
  • One of the essential spiritual outlooks to living your best life

Getting Back in Shape After Gaining “the Pandemic 30” Pound Average

Wade asks Steve: “Do you have any insight into how someone comes back to fitness after last year, or maybe it’s their first time? What strategy would make sense for them to employ to reach their best self?

Steve replies,” That’s an terrific question. I’ve addressed it many times with clients through my 25 years in this profession. People are going to stop working out at times. It’s inevitable. We don’t always have the momentum and motivation to work out. 

What I recommend for people is NOT to pick up where they left off. Many people want to dive into an hour-long workout or 90 minutes of exercise or jump back into Zumba class, whatever it was they were doing before - they want to pick up where they left off at the same intensity and length of time. They want to use the same weights. It’s what people commonly gravitate to because of familiarity. But I recommend taking two steps back, take your time, shorten the workouts, and ease into it. 

If you want to start running, walk first. If you’re going back to a gym, do the light stuff first for a few weeks. I don’t like my clients to get ultra sore after the first day. That’s not how I measure success. Success should be measured by consistency. That’s what’s most important. So start slow and simple. Then think about how you can progress smoothly and safely. Don’t injure yourself.” 

“Sleep is so important.”

Steve explains why his approach to fitness starts with sleep: “I remember studying in college and pulling late-night study sessions with friends for an exam. Everyone would be stressed and cramming until two a.m. At 11 p.m., I would always be like, “I’m out.” Because I knew nothing else is getting in my brain at that point. I would rather wake up on a good night’s sleep and take that test with maybe less knowledge and make good educated guesses rather than sit out here till two, three in the morning and try to cram stuff in and go to an exam feeling tired.

I had an innate understanding of how important sleep was before the knowledge we have gained in the past ten years. So again, sleep is essential. Seven, eight hours. The amount depends on the individual. It depends on what makes you feel good. I would say seven to nine is a good range. 

When I wake up now at age 46, the first thing I do in the morning is stretch in bed. Not because I’m hurting, but so I won’t hurt. I pull my knees to my chest because when you’re lying down, I learned this from my older clients and who have had physical problems. 

Frequently it is the sleep that’s causing a client pain because they’re in a position of laying on one side and their shoulder collapses and their head bends awkwardly, and they’re lying on their stomach while sleeping. Their back is arched. All those contorted positions in sleep put us in restricted states. So I stretch first thing in the morning for about two to three minutes.” 

Steve proceeds to describe further how his day plays out once he gets out of bed. 

If you’re ready to get back to a more healthy and fit lifestyle as communities begin letting go of heavy pandemic restrictions, Steve Jordan is the perfect guy to tune into. The fitness wisdom he has accumulated over the years training famous “stars” (Steve is not a big name-dropper) is now available for everyone through this episode and the online courses Steve teaches as well as his excellent podcast. (Links below)

Check out this episode - easing fitness back into your life could be a game-changer!

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