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May 13, 2021


Are you thinking about changing careers? 

He went to chiropractic school, studying medical science for years. Then, he opened his own business, running a chiropractic clinic. Most people at that point would coast for the rest of their life. Stay in their comfort zone and enjoy the “nice income” of a chiropractor, and chill till retirement. 

That’s the conventional plan for most chiropractors. You can’t blame them. After devoting so much time, energy, and finances to a career like chiropractic care, who wants to start over in a new field?

Jesse Chappus, that’s who. 

Jesse is an “outside the box” thinker. After only four and a half years working as a chiropractor, he knew that he had not yet found his ultimate career path. His passion for health and wellness was evident to his patients, yet Jesse wanted to somehow help more people in a way that felt better aligned with his personality and skills.  

While his chiropractic business steadily grew, Jesse enjoyed listening to podcasts. What he didn’t realize is that seeds of destiny were being planted every time he hit play. 

This episode is fantastic for budding entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space. Or people not yet in the health and wellness space wanting to pivot their career in this direction. 

Listen in as Jesse shares how he made the dramatic career change from chiropractor to full-time podcaster. You get the full story - no sugar coating: the financial “tightness” at the beginning, his transition, and how Jesse grew his Ultimate Health Podcast over time to be one of the most listened to health and wellness shows on the internet. 

As a lifelong learner, Jesse continuously researches the most current information on nutrition and natural health. 

In this episode, our host Wade Lightheart also gets Jesse to share some of his perspectives on health and wellness. Jesse is a former long-distance runner and cyclist who now enjoys focusing on shorter, more purposeful exercises to accommodate his current lifestyle as a busy dad.  

In this podcast, we cover:

  • How Jesse shifted from chiropractor to podcaster
  • The structure and goals of The Ultimate Health Podcast business
  • Some of the “extreme” health programs Jesse has experimented with and what he learned 
  • Why Jesse is a big fan of kettlebells for exercise
  • Jesse’s current diet and his history of eating plans 
  • Some biohacks and technologies Jesse enjoys using
  • Why Jesse likes the Oura Ring (link below)
  • Why red light therapy is one of his favorite biohacks 
  • Why Jesse kept referring to “getting back to the basics” of health

How does it feel to do what you love for a living? What are the mental health benefits?

Jesse said: “It’s huge for me. I get to learn about what I would be learning about anyways (as a chiropractor.) I prepare for interviews intensely, going really in-depth with my questions. I interview a lot of authors in the health and wellness space. I soak up their books. Then I have these incredible conversations where I pick people’s brains, and I get to continue to learn. That is so phenomenal. 


Everything is so aligned with what I do. It’s hard to put into words. I get to learn and make money doing something I love. Plus, I get to help people at the same time! I am so grateful for this. 

It was just something that came together organically. Me and my wife doing what we were passionate about as a career. All I can say is just ‘gratitude.’ Even the way we make revenue with our business is just beautiful. We’re sharing products that we use and love. That’s how we generally make money is through sponsorships and affiliate links. We help people and make money doing that. It’s a win-win-win-win all around. I’m very grateful!” 

Testing the Extremes and Coming Back to the Middle

Wade is a big believer in pushing the limits for a short period of time for learning purposes but then pulling back to the center to regain equilibrium. Wade asks Jesse, “What are some of the extreme things you’ve done in experimentation that taught you a lesson, and then you pulled back from the adventure or the dysfunction or the breakdown and centered back in the middle? 

Jesse: “I mentioned earlier about diet. I’ve experimented with diets across the board - from raw food to keto. And then I’ve come back to the middle. That’s where I am now. Again, it’s not sexy to talk about, but I like eating organic, whole foods. I’m just eating clean foods all the time. It’s a default. There’s no choice in the matter for me. 

“We talked before about having too much on my plate when I was building the show with my wife. I was working all day and even between patients working on the show and then coming home at night and pushing it till maybe 11 pm working on the podcast. Then, waking up and doing it all over again. On the weekends, I was doing most of the traveling to meet my girlfriend (now my wife.) I was redlining - pushing real hard.. 

Now, I can look back at that time and see the importance of balance. Now I'm lucky enough to be in a position where I can say “no” to many things and go all-in on the show. I’m so big on focusing on what you do well, what you love to do. I've been an advocate of that for years. I’m a big fan of focus. If I had to pick one word in business that I would stand behind, it’s focus.”

Jesse Chappus' inspiring story provides hope for those feeling like something is missing in their career. Wade describes it like “your music is missing a bass guitar.” Do you feel like something isn’t quite right with your career or life? If you’re seeking to enter the health and wellness space, be sure to tune in to this episode. Successful podcasters in the health and wellness space like Jesse are some of the happiest people you will ever meet. 

Whatever new career path you want to take - go for it! But listen to what Jesse has to say first! 

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