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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Oct 17, 2019

Our guest for episode 21 is virtually a super hero she is doing so much, and she's doing it all the healthy way. Tasya Teles is a finance expert, restauranteur, actress, podcaster and health enthusiast. Somehow she manages to stay fit, healthy and beautiful while juggling such a busy, full life.

On this edition of Awesome Health, Tasya tells us about her journey into the world of health and well-being after a serious bout with meningitis.

She also tells us why we still need play in our lives as adults, how staying flexible while exploring different diets and exercise regimens has been imperative for her well-being and which devices, products and technologies have had the most impact on her health. Join us for that and much more on today's Awesome Health show!

In this episode of Awesome Health, you'll also hear:

  • What are the two components of being healthy?
  • What role does curiosity play in maintaining our health?
  • How can you stay flexible while exploring different diets?
  • What three types of exercise is she focused on and why?
  • Why are play and imagination so important for our health?
  • And much more!
More About Awesome Health with Tasya Teles

Tasya Teles originally went into finance as a career, despite knowing she was an artist and creative at heart. To hear how her many talents, skills and passions have evolved into her present day life we go back to her collegiate days. She chose finance because she wanted to ensure that she had an understanding of money and how to manage her finances.

So she moved to Montreal to get her finance degree, and along the way she got meningitis. She wasn't able to walk for three months! She remembers vividly the first day she managed to step outside and how brightly the sun was shining on the sidewalk, and just how good it felt to be upright again.

She had such a deep appreciation because, although she knew meningitis was serious, she didn't realize it was going to leave her with subsequent health issues. And those issues took her on yet another journey into health, healing and well-being.

Ultimately she did get her degree. When she graduated the stock market soon crashed! So Tasya decided to move to Vancouver and become an actress. She worked hard, and studied extensively which ultimately led to her success today. Along the way she met her now business partners and they opened a restaurant. They are opening their second in Toronto shortly.

How Meningitis Changed Her Health Awareness

I wanted to talk more about her experience with meningitis: what led into it, what was her recovery like and what led her out of it.

She recalls there was a lot of stress in her life at the time, she was away from home for the first time and she wasn't used to living in such a cold climate. She also didn't take care of her health with nutritious foods; she was a typical college student eating typical college student food like mac-n-cheese! It was the perfect storm that resulted in her illness.

She had taken her health for granted up until that point. She was a soccer player growing up and thought she knew what it meant to eat healthy and be healthy. Her family had raised her on a vegan diet and taught her about healthy eating, but there was an overlooked aspect she now realizes.

As we all know there is a nutritional component to being healthy, but there is also an emotional aspect to our well-being. Most of us don't do a lot to support the emotional side, and we aren't taught to pay attention to it despite having daily stresses. If we don't let go of those stresses they will accumulate in our bodies. She learned that the hard way and she now takes steps to address that aspect of her health now.

She also learned how much better her body felt when she didn't consume gluten and dairy. Tasya experimented with other diets like sugar-free, raw, etc. She played with different approaches to see what would be most effective for her.

But the greatest lesson she took from meningitis was feeling good is continual, you have to be curious and try different things and develop a sensitivity to your system so you know what is effective and what is not.

Be Flexible and Experiment to Find Your Optimal Health

After her bout with meningitis, one of the health issues she experienced was pain in her body. She went to numerous doctors, but no one could agree on what was happening nor why. It became a quest to regain her energy, alleviate the pain, and detoxify her system.

That was 10 years ago, and she has since found a balance although she's still playing around with her diet because her life circumstances have changed. She lives in a different city, the water quality is different, the weather is different, the demands and stress in her life are also different.

All of which has been part of her story around food; she still experiments with food and what time she eats, and observing how new approaches make her feel. Plus her career demands change, sometimes her call time is 4am! So it requires a lot of attention on her part and a lot of effort and flexibility as well.

Which leads to my next question: how does she manage her diet and exercise routine when she has such crazy hours?

Tasya now has three consistent components to her exercise regimen: hot yoga, strength training and boxing. She got really into hot yoga because of the detox component. Even though she always hated strength training, she does it because she has learned a lot of energy comes from having good muscle mass and having a strong physique.

And finally she also got into boxing. In fact, she says she is addicted to it and recommends it to everyone! She's tried a lot of other types of exercise over the last 10 years, but this is the only one she's ever been truly excited about. She is always trying to improve her boxing technique and get better at it in some way or another.

A Good Diet is A Key Ingredient to Success

Tasya is serious about her diet.  She always starts her morning with a bulletproof coffee. She alternates with that and bone broth, and also takes probiotics and focuses on keeping her gut healthy.

As far as diets, she flirts with keto right now. This follower her being strictly keto while also intermittent fasting, but that was too much for her body. She was exhausted by her workouts and felt her energy levels in general were swinging too much. Now she introduces carbs every second day or so to make sure her hormones are taken care of. But the keto approach has been dramatic and has really helped her.

She shares what testing she does, and also how she balances her restaurant ownership with acting, plus what devices and technologies have made the biggest difference in her life. Join us to hear that and more on today's Awesome Health show!

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