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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Jun 11, 2024

Jessica Corbin's journey into understanding and addressing burnout began with early creative expressions in her grandparents' backyard. As a child, she thrived in activities that allowed her to channel her energy creatively, such as building obstacle courses. This creativity extended into her athletic pursuits, where she found joy and expression through the power, strength, and agility of her body.

Her unexpected success in cross country during high school, where she joined Nina Lennon, led her to become an All-American athlete and later attend UCLA. This journey taught her the importance of aligning willpower with right action and principles, a lesson that would become crucial in her later work.

The Reality of Burnout and the Road to Recovery

Despite her achievements, Jessica's unchecked ambition led to severe burnout and adrenal fatigue before she turned 30. This experience highlighted the dire consequences of the relentless grind culture and underscored the necessity of addressing burnout and promoting energetic literacy.

Energetic literacy involves understanding one's energy and its impact on relationships and work. Jessica critiques the mechanistic age for creating a disconnect between inner truth and external actions, causing friction within individuals. She advocates for a paradigm shift towards a living system paradigm, which values creativity, intuition, and right-brain thinking alongside logic and rationality.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV): A Tool for Energetic Literacy

Organizations can benefit immensely from visualizing energy patterns through metrics like heart rate variability (HRV). HRV serves as a truth-teller, helping individuals maintain integrity and decondition harmful patterns by trusting their inner wisdom. For Jessica, HRV was instrumental in her recovery, enabling her to understand her stress responses and manage them based on her bio-individuality.

HRV assesses various aspects, including physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and relational health, distilled into a single data point., the platform Jessica developed, uses HRV to help individuals understand how previous activities or stressors affect their health and guide them to adjust accordingly.

Implementing HRV in Organizations has evolved to work with large companies, collecting data to visualize organizational nervous systems. Simple acts of inquiry based on HRV data can stabilize and support teams, making strategic planning more efficient. HRV data helps organizations make informed, holistic decisions, improving overall energy management and reducing absenteeism, healthcare costs, and attrition.

Jessica emphasizes the need to redefine business models to be less extractive and more regenerative, considering the well-being of all stakeholders. Strategic planning should incorporate the energetics of a business, making the process more efficient and humane. Recovery from burnout requires a gentle and slow approach, counter to the prevailing grind culture, involving significant surrender and patience.

Jessica's journey reflects the importance of aligning ambition with inner wisdom, supported by her strong family background and personal resilience. Despite facing severe health issues from a young age, her willpower and innovative thinking led her to create a platform that helps others understand and manage their energy.

Embracing Energetic Literacy

Using HRV helps individuals reconnect with their wisdom, allowing for personal experiments to understand the effects of various factors on their physiology. It encourages a shift from a win/lose perspective to one of exploration and experience, providing unique insights into what is beneficial for each individual.

Understanding HRV can help people run experiments on their own bodies, seeing the effects of different diets, activities, or protocols. This practice of self-discovery without immediate action reduces the intensity of resistance and fosters greater personal freedom.

Jessica's future plans include launching consumer products and mentorship programs to help people align energetically with themselves, their relationships, and their work. Proper timing of efforts can increase one's baseline capacity to handle challenges, benefiting both individuals and organizations.

In this podcast, you will learn about:

  • The profound impact of energetic literacy on personal and organizational health.

  • How HRV tools can guide individuals in managing stress and recovering from burnout.

  • The transformation from a mechanistic to a living system paradigm in business.

  • Strategies for implementing HRV in large organizations to enhance overall well-being.

  • Future directions for expanding the use of HRV in personal and professional contexts.

And much more.