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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Jun 8, 2023

Dr. Madalina and Cris share their transformative journey and realization of the division between a mind-focused life and a spirituality-based life. 

They discuss their experiences of being caught up in external aspects while feeling internally unfulfilled.

Dr. Madalina, a cardiologist, describes her previous life as a successful professional, always prioritizing others. 

She reveals that despite her achievements, she felt unhappy and lived in survival mode, driven by unconscious patterns such as workaholism, overachieving, and people-pleasing. This lifestyle led to a major injury, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and an existential crisis.

Eventually, she embarked on a spiritual journey, exploring books by Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer. She began making time for self-reflection and awareness, unraveling her unconscious programming. 

Dr. Madalina and Cris became passionate about integrating science and spirituality, understanding the importance of connecting with the heart and creating heart coherence.

Cris, Madalina's partner, shares his experience of witnessing her struggle and feeling helpless during her crisis stage. 

However, he noticed positive changes in her as she started applying the concepts she learned from the books. This inspired him to join her on the journey of self-discovery. 

They both experienced the empowering effect of aligning with their authentic selves and changing their perception of life's events.

Dr. Madalina and Cris emphasize the significance of the heart's electromagnetic field, which is five times stronger than that of the brain. 

They explain that individuals generate creative energy when in a state of flow, purpose, and heart alignment. Stress and negative emotions deplete this energy and constrict the heart's field.

The couple expresses their passion for bridging science and spirituality, highlighting the interconnectedness of heart intelligence, mind, emotions, and physical health. 

They believe that by tapping into the simplicity and wholeness of the heart, individuals can experience transformative shifts, living from a place of truth and love.

What is Anabolic Healing?

Anabolic healing refers to the process of generating energy and promoting healing through intentional heart connection and cultivating positive emotions. 

It is based on the understanding that our hearts generate electromagnetic fields, influencing overall well-being. Flow, purpose, and heartfelt connection create coherent signals transmitted from the heart to the brain, leading to positive physiological responses.

Stress causes the heart's electromagnetic field to shrink, triggering a survival mode that depletes energy and makes us reactive. 

This stress response negatively affects various body systems, including the cardiovascular and immune systems. Studies show that stress disrupts the brain's normal functioning, activating the reactive amygdala and inhibiting the conscious brain.

Anabolic healing counters the negative effects of stress and promotes well-being. Intentionally connecting to the heart and cultivating heart-based emotions like care and gratitude generates coherent signals, fostering heart-brain coherence.

MRI studies demonstrate increased activity in areas associated with conscious intelligence and creativity during this state. 

The reactive amygdala deactivates, reducing impulsive reactions. Anabolic healing also triggers the secretion of chemicals promoting relaxation, joy, and well-being.

To integrate anabolic healing into daily life, adopt intentional practices prioritizing heart-centered living. 

Begin the day with practices like meditation or spending time in nature to connect with the heart, enhancing the electromagnetic field. 

These practices help discover and experience one's true self, enabling service to others and engaging with the world authentically.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why the integration of science and spirituality is key for a fulfilling life.
  • Why Dr. Madalina's successful but unfulfilling life led to health challenges.
  • Why anabolic healing connects the heart and positive emotions for well-being.
  • Why stress depletes the heart's energy, but anabolic healing counters it.
  • Why heart-centered practices enable personal transformation and clarity.

And much more.