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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

Joy Kong has worked to bring an integration of the precision of Western medicine, and the way Chinese medicine works based on the principle of looking at the body as a whole universe. With stem cell research and therapy, she has found there is no need to go to extremes on one side of the medicine or the other but that there is room to respect all fields.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What is a stem cell?
  • The difference between a stem cell and a functional cell
  • The environment needed to help these cells work best in our body
  • How age affects the impact of stem cells
  • What stem cell therapies are used for
  • Results of stem cell studies
  • The future of stem cell research

The Intelligence of Optimized Health

Joy says, “We are made from stem cells. All our cells carry the same genetic material as that first stem cell, with all the DNA that has the ability to form an entire organism that knows how to orchestrate this whole three dimensional structure and function. That’s the kind of intelligence that we’re tapping into.”

We don’t need to stay in a state where instead of healing we’re just being managed. A holistic approach optimizes health because everything affects our brains and bodies. And stem cells know what to do to heal ourselves.

“When you’re stuck in an inflammatory stage, you’re not really healing, you’re just inflamed. If you don’t give the body the right signals, then they’re stuck there. So it’s almost like we’re speaking the language to the body, that’s how the cells work.”

Respecting Life

Joy says she gets excited that we are able to improve our life by better understanding how our life is built on a cellular level.

“There’s respect for the life force that’s inside of me, and that kind of stubbornness that whatever is thrown in front of you, you’re not gonna let that life force die. You’re gonna nurture that flame, and that’s in all of us.”

Join Wade and Joy as they affirm that “Everything counts in a healthy lifestyle.”

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