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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Jul 14, 2022

Robbie Bent, who is building Othership to create connection in response to addiction, is here to let us know that in 5 minutes with breath, you can change your physiological and emotional state.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What breathwork is
  • How breathwork differs from meditation
  • How breathwork can help overcome addiction
  • The 3 types of influence your breath has on your current state
  • Why emotional regulation is important
  • How to change and master your state at will

A System for Change

Robbie is committed to helping everyone create room for daily space where they can make time for fun and have stimulating experiences. This creates a healthy influence and support system.

As he says, “Environment is stronger than will.” And we can create the environment we want within us.

“Everything we’ve built is built around changing your nervous system state to process emotions, to teach you how to gain more control and mastery.”

Search for Transformation, Not Just an Escape

Everyone wants healing and to feel good. Othership is working to transform people through community and breathwork. The way you practice your breath not only makes you feel better, but inspires you to continue feeling better. Your experience is what builds your tapestry that you can draw from.

“We are creating a space where you’re bringing out the activation of childlike curiosity in a curated way that can create transformation,” says Robbie. “There will be steps forward, steps back, that’s part of life. And even now after 10 years of personal development work there’s still hard days and that’s okay, it’s just committing and knowing I have these practices that as I find a community, in under 5 minutes there’s the ability to start changing your state.”

Robbie and Wade want you to know that if nothing you have tried has helped in regulating your emotions, there’s hope. “We’re in the world of transformation, because that’s what humanity is all about.”

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