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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Jul 7, 2022

Owen McKibben is the number 1 Men’s Health cover model in world history having been on the cover 17 times, but he doesn’t just live to look good, he lives to feel good and help others feel good, too.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to optimize your health
  • Why you need to change your relationship with food
  • Pain management strategies
  • How reprogramming your brain is an essential part of vitality
  • How to believe in your ability to win the day

The Work of Being in Shape

“Being in shape takes no amount of skill. It just takes hard work. And I’m all about hard work,” says Owen.

The parts of hard work that he focuses on a daily basis include, waking up early, doing at least 5 things that are physically challenging, mix resistance with cardio in short bursts, learning about what your brain and body need in order to fuel them appropriately, and all around showing up.

“It’s about doing what other people don’t want to do, and doing it consistently. Push yourself harder, and it makes success easier.”

On Pain and Winning

“Pain can be overcome with the mind. You don’t need expensive equipment, you don’t need to eat all of the time, and you just gotta put some hard work in and do it consistently over and over again and build yourself up.”

Owen talks about the difference he sees in the way he trains now compared to when he was in his 30s. He said that training then was about going all in and doing it all day. Training now is about efficiency and compound movements, eating less and having a better relationship with food. It’s about knowing how to win the first 5 minutes of the day and giving your brain and body what it needs to perform at a super high level so you can defy the odds that pain often brings.

Listen as Wade and Owen talk about how the body building industry has changed to be more about the way you build, and how you can build a more vital way of life. As Owen says, “If your brain feels good, your body’s gonna follow.”

Episode Resources:

Get Owen’s book here