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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Feb 10, 2022

Discover the power of ‘Tonic Herbs’

Our guest Scott Linde, Founder of Sun Potion Transformational Foods, boils down his entrepreneurial motivations to this simple fact: he enjoys feeling real good. 

And he wants to share his health and wellness discoveries with others. 

Growing up close to nature in Minnesota, Scott has a passion for tonic herbs that may be unrivaled. 

Passion is why Sun Potion continues to grow in size, scope, and sales. 

So what are ‘tonic herbs’? Why does Scott focus his business on tonic herbs and algae, greens, and mushrooms from all over the globe? And why does he refuse to cut corners with the Sun Potion product line - using stringent quality standards and purely organic ingredients? 

After five minutes of tuning in, you will notice Scott’s radiant positive energy and sharp mind. Like that lady in the movie When Harry Met Sally, you will say to yourself: “I’ll have what he’s having.” 

By listening to this conversation between two health and wellness entrepreneurs, you can discover some new ways to shift your health in a positive direction. Tapping into these transformational foods is a key to radiant health. 

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Scott’s story behind the launch and growth of Sun Potion
  • The first products Scott started offering
  • Overcoming obstacles and lessons learned while Scott built Sun Potion
  • Serendipities experienced in health food stores (Wade & Scott)
  • Scott’s supplement recommendations during this pandemic season
  • Scott’s thoughts on the “authoritarian crisis” impacting the wellness community
  • How Scott stays above the partisan divide and channels his energy into productive responses to pandemic-related conversations

What got Scott interested in tonic herbs and starting a business:

In his own words, here is how Scott describes to Wade his “why” to start Sun Potion: “What got me interested initially is I love feeling good. There’s an aspect to this that is purely selfish. I enjoy feeling good.”

“When I was a young person, I did a lot of extreme endurance sports that provide a lot of endorphins. Once I reached my 20s, I began learning through meditation teachers about tonic herbs.”

“I started trying them out for myself, and it just turned on a light in my body. I was like, ‘oh, I love this. I’m into this. It’s so cool.” 

“It was like being in high school and blacking out at the finish line of every cross country race to go into that complete bliss, like straight to the godhead. An ecstatic, full sensory feeling.” 

“That kind of contagious feeling - when you feel so good in your body - I began on my own looking around the industry and not finding what I was looking for. So I eventually realized this could be a project where I get to have fun and play with substances and aspects of nature that I enjoy.

“I can make these things available to other people if they’re interested. In the meantime, this project is fun for me. I’ll put my attention and my service into growing a nice, positive gift to share with people.” 

Why does Scott buy health products from other companies?

Here’s an interesting excerpt of something Scott tells Wade: “I love buying other people’s products and have them around.”

“I’ll be honest; I don’t necessarily always take them. But it’s nice to get the vibe off of the products and feel them, and have them around.”

“People come to my house - like, when women visit my home, they go into the bathroom, and they come out saying, “you have lots of natural products and body care things that are pretty impressive. I want to spend a couple of hours in your bathroom. LOL”

“It’s fun. Like a person who loves restoring cars, they will have a bunch of car things in their home. It’s their passion.”

“I have fun with wellness products.” 

Scott goes into detail on his favorite tonic herbs. He also shows off his mushroom expertise - firing off a string of different fungi and their unique health properties. Scott is a gracious guest who gives away so much in this episode - including a surprise gift for Awesome Health Podcast listeners.

You must check out this episode - a whole new world of tonics awaits you! 

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