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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Jan 13, 2022


A beauty, a biohacker, and a beast walk into a podcast…

No joke - what do you get when Wade T. Lightheart invites a dynamic duo like Rachel Varga and Katie Moore onto the show? You get a beauty (Rachel) with clinical skincare experience, a hardcore wellness and longevity expert that tests every biohacking tool on the market (Katie), and a beast (Wade) whose ignorance about skincare might make you spontaneously combust!

Seriously, listeners who tune into this episode are in for a lot of fun as these two high-powered female entrepreneurs bring a whole lot of energy and knowledge on healthy, youthful skin to the AHP audience.  

Be sure to hit “Play”: it’s not often you find free biohacking skincare tips that can lead to a younger-looking YOU (in just a couple of months.) 

What do these ladies bring to the show table? 

Rachel is a Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (since 2011) who has worked with thousands of patients and performed about 20,000 rejuvenation procedures. She is incredibly passionate about helping other people look and feel better using proven therapies on the biggest organ of your body (skin.) 

Katie is a biohacker on a mission to help you achieve success without sacrificing health and happiness. She specializes in sleep and also covers a plethora of additional health topics and gadgets. Her YouTube channel is quickly growing into a “must-watch” destination for those interested in wellness, performance, and longevity.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • How Rachel tactfully tells her clients what is going on with their skin
  • How skincare and biohacking can work together
  • What is “derma rolling”?
  • Why men are increasingly interested in skincare
  • Why do humans struggle with wrinkles and other signs of aging
  • How Katie and Rachel work together transforming their clients
  • Laser treatments for skincare - should you use them? 
  • Non-surgical options for skin health
  • The typical daily routine for Rachel and Katie

What is the skin perspective from the biohacking community? 

Early in the show, Wade asks Katie to describe how the biohacking community looks at skincare - something that many other biohackers out there don’t spend much time on. 

Katie said this: “As I see it - you take care of your inner self and take care of your nourishment, making sure you are properly hydrated, eating the right foods. Your skin is a literal reflection of what’s going on inside of you.”

“I find that when I’m eating the healthiest, getting the right amount of sunlight… granted, I do live in Hawaii where there is plenty of sunlight all the time, but I also realize that too much of anything - even anything good - like too much sleep is going to be harmful on your body, mind, spirit, and your skin.”

“So, I always look at what's going on inside of you before I even add any external products.”

“That’s my indication that someone is healthy when they have naturally glowing skin. It’s a good sign.” 

What’s the difference between the skin on the body vs. skin on the face?

Wade asks Rachel why his body skin looks more youthful than his facial skin. Here is a snippet of her response: “There are different skin cell receptors on the face versus the neck, chest, hands, and the rest of the body. When I’m working with clients, I work with a lot of male celebrities.”

“Because guys want to look good, too. They want to make sure that they look as hot as their counterparts and all of that. It’s great.”

“When couples can share products - I encourage that with my clients, even though the skin cell receptors are different on the face, neck, chest, etc.” 

She then segues into dermal rolling. 

What is dermal rolling? Something you need to know if you’re unhappy with your skin and want to look younger. Women are more comfortable talking about skincare secrets than men tend to be. Let’s put it this way - Guys! Do you want to look like Tom Cruise? (Tom is 59 years old, btw.) Then don’t be scared - jump into your youthful skin that’s waiting under your aging skin with Rachel and Katie! Don’t skip this episode!

Check out this podcast - these two experts are more than skin deep. 

Episode Resources: 

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