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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Jul 8, 2021

Are your mitochondria functioning at full capacity? 

Remember high school biology? You may recall that every cell in your body has an engine called the mitochondria

Like the car’s engine, your mitochondria can lose power and performance through neglect and environmental factors. Our guest in this episode, Dr. Tim Jackson, is sort of like a “mechanic” who “works” on a patient’s mitochondria to help clean their cell engines, “oil them up” and restore their vitality through meticulous testing and tune ups. Dr. Tim is a functional doctor and uses a wide variety of tests to determine what is specifically causing a person’s mitochondria to “break down” (underperform.) 

Like a car, environmental factors can take a toll on the wear and tear of your cell's engines. One significant factor that negatively impacts your mitochondria is mold. Dr. Tim shares his expertise on mold in this episode. However, Dr. Tim gives his patients many tests because he knows that if a patient does have an issue with mold - that does not mean mold is her only health challenge. Dr. Tim understands how the environment holds many different toxins. The various environmental toxins we all contend with cause mitochondrial dysfunction, epigenetic polymorphisms, poor diets, pharmacological side effects, and psychological stressors. 

As you can see, Dr. Tim has one of the most comprehensive medical training to ever appear on the show - which enables him to spot any issues that are missed by the big pharma-trained, overly specialized medical doctors out there. 

Take a look at Dr. Tim’s impressive background: His undergraduate degree is in Health Science and Chemistry (Wake Forest ‘03). Dr. Tim completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from the Medical University of South Carolina in ‘09. 

Dr. Tim was not satisfied with only offering manual therapy and orthopedic care to patients. Sometimes a patient needs some other form of treatment, so he proceeded to study functional medicine and environmental medicine, along with digestive health, functional endocrinology, epigenetics, Lyme disease, and auto-immune/neuro-immune disorders to bring a more holistic approach to his patients.

There is lots of science on this episode, so put in your earbuds and geek out!  


In this podcast, we cover:

  • What epigenetic polymorphisms are and how they affect your health
  • What methylation is and its role in genetics and epigenetics
  • The benefits of functional medicine over allopathic medicine
  • Stealth pathogens and some common ones Dr. Tim is seeing today
  • Dr. Tim’s thoughts on the mRNA “vaccine” 
  • How Dr. Tim uses multiple tests to figure out what is wrong with a patient
  • The role mitochondria play in feeling good and things that impair their function
  • Some of the tools Dr. Tim uses for his health maintenance, like his favorite air filter brand, etc. 
  • Some tips on bolstering your immune system


Tony Robbins Health Scare

Uber famous self-help guru Tony Robbins is a real-world example of how toxins in the environment can affect you despite your self-discipline and knowledge to live your life healthily. 

Robbins has always been self-disciplined in diet and exercise. He also uses detoxification technologies and practices unconventional wellness hacks like cold immersion. 

Not long ago, Tony discovered he had extremely high levels of mercury in his body through his diet. His mercury readings were the highest ever recorded in one person, according to Tony. Before his speaking events, Tony was taking blood transfusions. He didn’t know that mercury was building up to dangerous levels in his body. 

Tony’s story is a wake-up call for us all. If someone like Tony Robbins, who never drank alcohol and lives an extremely healthy lifestyle, didn’t know he had mercury poisoning, how confident are you in your body’s health? Even if you’re doing all the right things health-wise, Dr. Tim says you need to get tested regularly in various areas. 

Why Dr. Tim Takes his Patients Along in Baby Steps

When you hold a vast amount of knowledge as a doctor, that doctor can easily overwhelm new patients with a bunch of tests and spray them like a firehose with too much information. Over time, Dr. Tim learned he was trying to impress new patients with all his knowledge, and those patients would leave his office thinking, “Wow. That guy is brilliant, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.” Dr. Tim acknowledges he was doing his patients a disservice. This is why he starts with the patient’s environment first because you cannot help someone heal if they remain in a toxic environment. “I can fix a lot of issues, but I can’t out supplement or out medicate a bad environment.”

Dr. Tim even looks at a patient’s social connections. “If you’re around people who are constantly nagging you about eating healthy or nagging about exercise, then you need to edit your life and get them out of there. I know that sounds harsh, but they are creating psychological strains on your system, and no amount of supplementation or nutrition can outdo that.” 

Dr. Tim does thorough work with each patient - treating them as the individual they are. He avoids cookie-cutter remedies, knowing how individual humans can require many different treatments to reach health and happiness. 

Tune in and discover how your mitochondria health determines so much of your overall health and wellness. Your cell’s engines may need a tune-up. Listen to Dr. Tim - his breadth of knowledge is staggering! What a breath of fresh air to hear an open-minded doctor take the time needed to get to the root of your health issues. 

Be sure to listen to this episode - the health breakthrough you seek might be found right here with Dr. Tim.  

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