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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

May 27, 2021


If you struggle with fatigue, this is the most important thing you need:

Fatigue can be a complex puzzle to “figure out.” To solve your lack of energy riddle, you need a meticulous, thorough, medically trained specialist who loves taking comprehensive deep dives into each patient’s health to find the answers that will restore their energy.  

That is what the patients of Dr. Evan H. Hirsch get: a caring doctor with the determination of a bulldog. Hirsch leaves “no stone unturned” while working with his patients. Finding the cause(s) of fatigue takes time and requires a curious mind willing to consider multiple possibilities that may not fit inside the box of conventional medicine. 

In this eye-opening episode, Dr. Hirsch points out that prescription pharmaceutical side effects are the “number three killer in the U.S.” Taking your fatigue issues to a “functional medicine doctor” like Dr. Hirsch might be the answer to your fatigue battle.  


Dr. Hirsch does not want to only “manage symptoms” like many general practitioners. That’s why he founded the International Center for Fatigue. 

Hirsch knows from experience how debilitating fatigue can be. He suffered from severe fatigue for five years before achieving resolution using a set of methods that are now helping many people who follow the Fix Your Fatigue program he pioneered. 

Hirsch is also the author of the book Fix Your Fatigue: The four-step process to resolving chronic fatigue, achieving abundant energy, and reclaiming your life! 

Suppose you are a doctor who needs some tips to transition your practice to the virtual, online world. In that case, Dr. Hirsch also consults with licensed, functional medicine providers desiring a more digital service experience for patients. 

Board-certified in integrative medicine, when Dr. Hirsch isn’t helping patients, you can find him singing and dancing in musicals (wow) and playing basketball with his family. 

In this podcast, we cover

  • The differences between a functional medicine doctor and a regular general practitioner
  • The sad fact that many Americans suffer from “medical trauma” and the different patient experiences Dr. Hirsch provides
  • The systematic testing Dr. Hirsch conducts to find your cause of fatigue
  • How your symptoms reveal 75% of your fatigue causes and how you can get this information in one hour
  • Ten categories of fatigue
  • The deficiencies and toxicities that cause fatigue
  • Why you should skip that tuna fish sandwich  
  • The insidious role mold plays in fatigue
  • Chronic infections and fatigue - you can have one and not know it! 
  • Mindset training to help you overcome fatigue


You won’t believe how many chemicals hit you daily.

Fatigue is a matter of deficiencies and toxicities, meaning you need a trained professional like Dr. Hirsch to help you replenish the deficits and get rid of the toxic junk accumulating in your body. 

We get exposed to 84,000 different chemicals regularly. Most of these chemicals are not adequately studied - things like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and plastics, which are all around us. 

Dr. Hirsch shares that one thing he was doing years ago that led to his fatigue syndrome had to do with his extensive traveling by car across the country. He always had a plastic water bottle with him that was cooking in the sun on these trips. Dr. Hirsch ended up with too much plastic in his body. Plastic in the body is not something people knew about until recently. 

The good news is Dr. Hirsch shares how you can detox plastics out of your body. 

Mold: the silent fatigue devil.

Many folks suffering from fatigue do not realize that mold is behind their lack of energy. 

Mold is a huge problem. Half of the world’s buildings have water damage, and most of those structures have mold. 

Most people don’t think they have a mold issue because they have never seen mold in their house. They forget that their childhood home had a flooded basement at one time. Or they had a leaky roof or a broken pipe at some point. 

Few GPs receive training in molds during medical school, so they do not consider it a diagnosis. 

Mold symptoms generally resemble fungal symptoms: rashes, itching in the anus and ears is common. These symptoms often get worse after eating sugar. The worst sign of all is brain fog, which can get pretty nasty if untreated. 

Mold is just one of many causes of fatigue discussed by Dr. Hirsch in this episode. You can get them all by listening to this exciting conversation. 

Finally, a doctor who takes chronic fatigue seriously and works hard to find a solution for patients. Not just shrug his shoulders because he’s overwhelmed by the complexity of the issue. Don’t miss this episode! Take advantage of the information offered here so you can overcome your struggles with fatigue. 

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time? Tune in! Let’s restore your energy. 


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