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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

May 25, 2021


Our guest this episode has a highly unusual medical background. 

Dr. Misak first began his medical studies in pharmacy, earning a degree in Pharmacy from West Virginia University. He is still a Registered Pharmacist today. 

But “Doc Misak'' wasn't satisfied with pharmacy only. He has always been fascinated by how things work. Going back to childhood, Misak was always tinkering with things to see how they operated. Misak liked taking things apart - like his bike - and putting them back together to learn how something “functions.”

His obsession with functionality is why he ended up becoming a Functional Doctor. When Misak looks back at his career, he says “it made perfect sense” for him to go from Pharmacist to Functional Medicine. Because Dr. Misak isn’t one to “stay in a box.” One day he discovered by accident that functional medicine was about studying the root causes of disease and going deeper into how different bodywork areas work together. He got hooked. Misak quickly flew out to Oregon to attend one of the nation’s top functional medical schools. 

While in school, Dr. Misak also studied compounding pharmacy - which is preparing custom formulated medications for the unique needs of individual patients. 

Dr. Misak will blow your mind in this episode - from his 5 phase approach to functional health - to his jaw-dropping discoveries in anti-aging, telomeres, and groundbreaking developments in quantum bio-electrical energy and health - get ready for this exciting conversation! 

Most pharmacists ``stay in their lane,” never breaking out of that trained paradigm. Misak’s combined expertise in functional medicine is why you will want to tune in. Our host Wade Lightheart declares this to be one of the BEST Awesome Health podcasts EVER at the end of the show. 

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Dr. Misak’s remarkable personal journey to becoming a highly sought-after functional doctor
  • The emerging quantum energy component to healing
  • A fantastic tool called a “multiple wave oscillator”
  • Dr. Misak’s 5 phase approach to health
  • How to modulate and measure your “vital force” and energy efficiency for a longer life
  • Why you need to frequently test your urine and saliva using ph strips and a refractometer
  • What are “telomeres,'' and how are they the doorway to longevity?
  • Dr. Misak’s supplement recommendations
  • What Dr. Misak thinks about the current COVID-19 vaccine

“We are electrical.” 

At one point during the interview, Dr. Misak said: “Even naturopathic doctors today are taught to use drugs as first-line therapy to control people before they broaden out. I kept finding, wait a minute, I do not see the cures that you talk about in nature here. I can get these cancer patients to feel better, but I’m not breaking through with the cures. 

That led me down a giant rabbit hole where I learned about Dr. Carey Reams and the Reams biological theory of ionization. Instead of taking apart an atom, he’s like - how do you put things together. And he learned that we are electrical. Einstein said in his theory of relativity that everything’s relative. That energy is the same as matter. So you are heat and electricity. Tesla, you know, if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think of frequency and vibration. 

But nobody teaches health on the level of quantum energy.” 

Now, Dr. Misak IS teaching health from a quantum energy perspective.

Let’s “run your numbers” to get to the root causes of your health issues.

As a functional doctor, Misak does complete and thorough testing on his patients. He collects the data on pretty much everything - from blood work to food allergies and more. 

Dr. Misak talks about bioelectric energy’s impact on our body chemistry. When numbers are up or down, these provide tons of helpful information for someone trained like Dr. Misak. 

One thing he says in this interview: “I can have people come in, run their numbers, and I don’t even look at why they came in to see me, because I can tell them everything that’s going on with them by looking at their numbers because each variable that’s away from normal has a symptom pattern presented with it. 

So chemistry is what makes up everything, right? You have positive charges, negative charges, cations, and anions. Electrically, they make up your atoms, which make up your molecules. 

So if you understand what the chemistry is dictating everywhere down the line, you know what the ideal is. You start correcting the chemistry electrochemically, and then everything starts to fix down below. You begin seeing hormonal effects normalizing. You start seeing blood pressure improve. Then you start supporting the liver, pancreas, lungs, adrenals, thyroid, whatever it is - those things begin to fix themselves. 

But the chemistry will tell you where the weaknesses are and what you need to begin supporting.”  

Dr. Misak is a brilliant yet humble man who can present science in a digestible format for people who didn’t go to medical school. There is so much brilliance in this interview. These show notes do not do this episode justice. Episode 136 is a highly recommended conversation you don’t want to miss. 

Unlock more energy - Dr. Misak can help you find your keys. :) 


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