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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Apr 29, 2021



Essential Oils are Still Essential 

As soon as this episode begins, Dr. Z’s passion for essential oils comes across loud and clear. 

He’s the author of two books on this topic: The Healing Power of Essential Oils & The Essential Oils Apothecary

Dr. Z has experienced firsthand the various ways essential oils foster healing in a person’s physical body and how essential oils help us mentally and spiritually. His many clients attest to their power. 

Your nose knows. That’s the fascinating opening point Dr. Z explains here. He shares how our modern way of life is killing our sense of smell. Imperfect olfactory senses hurt people’s health and wellness - again, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. 

Dr. Z exposes what is causing humans to lose their sense of smell and how turning to essential oils is crucial to restoring our God-given sense of smell intended to help us enjoy a long life of prosperity.  

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Why our sense of smell is disappearing
  • Dr. Z’s essential oil recommendations for stress and anxiety
  • Why the “ancient wisdom” of essential oils is leaving modern culture
  • Some of the most significant toxic chemicals that harm people
  • How to detox from chemical overloads
  • How this new trend called “forest bathing” works 
  • Why staying indoors to avoid coronavirus is a stupid strategy
  • Should someone use vaping as a means to inhale essential oils? 

Modern Conveniences Gave Humanity a Bloody Nose

In his books, Dr. Z talks about the significance of olfaction - our sense of smell. Olfaction is the primal sense of humans. Our keen sense of smell was once our primary connection to the primates. 

Thousands of years ago, we relied heavily on our sense of smell. Humans have dampened our olfaction through the centuries to the point where people don’t consider their sense of smell necessary anymore. 

That is a dangerous notion.  

Modern conveniences stole humans' connection with nature. For example, humans should not need a “smoke detector.” We need one today because our sense of smell is not what it used to be. Too many chemicals in the environment get much of the blame. Dr. Z talks a lot about these chemicals on this podcast and in his books.  

Forest Bathing for Better Health Makes Total Scents 

Here is a snippet of Dr. Z talking about Forest Bathing on this episode: 

“The thing about forest bathing is, and the reason why I talk about it in my book The Essential Oils Apothecary is the volatile organic compounds being emitted from the forest plants stimulate the olfactory system to bring you to a place of true healing. Forest bathing is tree medicine. 

And when you're smelling something outside, even smelling blades of grass freshly mown with your lawnmower, what do you think you're smelling? Essential oils. 

When you're walking in densely wooded areas filled with evergreens, like Cypress and fir trees, those are wonderful. Pinene oil is a wonderfully healing anti-inflammatory mood-boosting chemical.

While forest bathing, you get aromatherapy. You're getting the experience. Hopefully you're grounding, but here's the key: I'll give everyone a tip - forest bathing isn't about doing a mud runner or a hundred-mile run. It's not about going to the woods with the direct purpose of accomplishing something. It's about being, hopefully, with some people that you love, you want to be with, or maybe being by yourself and just enjoying the outdoors. 

Leave your phone in the car and enjoy nature.” 

Essential oils have never been more critical. With today’s “new normal” of quarantines, social distancing, and other practices that weaken the immune system, people need aromatherapy to strengthen their immunity, alleviate stress and anxiety, improve focus and restore energy.

Time to get back in touch with your nose. Dr. Z can help sharpen your olfactory senses back to where God intended. 

Pay attention to the aromas in your life - the results could be life-changing! 

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