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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Apr 15, 2021

Sean helps people boost their energy so they can make positive changes in their life.

His methods for helping people reach their optimal performance levels are multi-faceted. 

As a biohacker and natural health enthusiast, Sean has in-depth knowledge in supplementation, diet, and exercise. 

Sean also owns a chain of float centers, which are places that offer isolation tanks (a.k.a. flotation tanks). Float therapy is a powerful method for improving the way you feel and function, regardless of age. Sean explains the benefits of using a float tank for your health in this fantastic conversation with Wade. 

Sean is also a Certified Life Coach and Performance Coach whose clients include professional athletes, television actors, MLS professionals, and the Luluemon corporate team. His credentials equip Sean to coach you through mindset challenges effectively.  

Another tool in Sean’s biohacking toolbox is psychedelics. This podcast episode spends a significant portion of time on this topic, providing a great learning opportunity for listeners who are curious about leveraging psychedelics as a personal growth tool. Although controversial, using psychedelics can provide many health benefits, particularly on a mental and spiritual level, when done under proper guidance with an experienced shaman or practitioner who has your best interest in mind.  Wade asks all the right questions, and Sean is gracious with his time providing in-depth answers that dive into all facets of psychedelics, including spirituality. 

In this podcast, we cover:

  • The daily routines and practices Sean uses to stay positive and at peace during the pandemic
  • Why Sean broke into the flotation therapy business and the benefits his customers get from this still novel health practice
  • Why you should do dopamine fasts and how to do them
  • The dangers of diving into psychedelics unprepared and not taking them seriously
  • Sean’s experiences with ayahuasca and how this psychedelic helps people heal, experience personal growth, and expand consciousness
  • What good is a spiritual awakening if you don’t do anything with it?
  • How social media addictions steal the benefits of our dopamine and shift those benefits to “someone else” (like Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey)
  • How people working in the digital space can still benefit from a “media fast” 
  • A powerful NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) technique that rewires your brain from a nonproductive emotional state to a productive emotional state

Energy is the Key to Making Positive Changes that Last

It would help if you had the energy to make lasting impactful changes in your life. Yet, so many are struggling with low energy. This pandemic of lethargy has a lot to do with our modern technological society. Many people are bombarded with digital stimuli and don’t know how to get off that train. Sean talks about some of these positive changes you can make to increase your energy flow. 

Things like making some changes in your environment. Are you sleeping with your Wi-Fi on? Do you keep your phone close to your head? When you wake up, is the first thing you do is look at your phone? No wonder you’re getting crappy sleep. 

You should establish a quality morning routine to start your day strong. Sean spends time talking about practical things you can do to stoke your creative fires without caffeine dependence.  

How do you make sure your ayahuasca retreat provides lasting change - not just a short “experience”?

As Sean and Wade discuss the right mindset in using psychedelics for healing and growth, at one point, the discussion turns to what do you do after coming back from an ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica? Because the same habits, vices, and people are waiting for you when you return home. Here is a snippet of what Sean says in this episode:

“The work up to and the work on the backside of experiences is everything because your friends are still at home, your family, your habits. When you left to go do this experience (ayahuasca), seeking greater awareness and clarity, maybe healing - all your same vices, the same habits, and negative thought patterns and trigger points are all there waiting for you. 

So unless you have somebody that you can work with to help navigate all that, you must have enough resolve in yourself to say, okay, I’m going to make some behavioral changes. I’m going to give up sugar. I’m going not watch so much media anymore. I’m going to be kinder to my children.

Those sorts of changes are like a baseline. You can also start meditating or begin journaling and then build off of that “big experience.” 

Like, what good is a spiritual awakening if you don’t do anything with it, right?”  

Sean McCormick was introduced to transcendental meditation when he was 12 years old, bringing this podcast one of the most spiritual conversations Wade has ever recorded. Achieving levels of expertise in some of the most cutting-edge biohacking techniques out there today, you don’t want to miss what Sean has to share. 

Check out this episode - healing and spiritual growth could be right around the corner. 

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