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BIOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Apr 8, 2021

No one escapes the cancer conversation. 

Everyone gets touched by cancer at some point. The latest statistics say 1 out of every 2 of us will experience cancer either directly or through a loved one diagnosed with cancer. 

The word “cancer” brings immediate fear to people. Some don’t even want to speak the word and say “the c-word” or “the big-c” instead. 

Our guest Cathy Biase knows firsthand the fears people struggle through when they get a cancer diagnosis, go through allopathic treatments, and then return to their previous life once it’s over. Cathy has been through this herself, but she is also a Certified Professional Cancer Coach. She specializes in the functional application of nutrition to get to the root cause of health issues whenever possible to improve chronic disease. Cathy focuses primarily on helping people going through cancer care. Her goal is to optimize her client’s ability to heal and recover. 

Many of Cathy’s clients who are doing chemotherapy ask her if the chemo is working because they report that they don’t feel that bad. This is precisely what Cathy loves to hear because it captures what her mission is all about - helping people reduce their fears and getting through allopathic cancer treatments feeling better than expected. 

Cathy is the host of a radio show called The Health Hub that is also available as a podcast, where she and her guests talk about integrative health. Cathy also teaches at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 

Cathy educates people on nutritional support for cancer patients, managing side effects of allopathic cancer care, and the Microbiome’s link to health and immunity.  

In this podcast, we cover:

  • How Cathy helps people psychologically move through the various stages from diagnoses to healing
  • The importance of the microbiome for cancer recovery
  • Cathy’s “low stress” approach to nutrition and food prep for cancer patients
  • The role of exercise in a cancer patient’s recovery
  • Cathy’s approach to detoxification, particularly the liver as preparation for chemotherapy
  • More on Cathy’s science-based approach to “stacking the deck your favor” before, during, and after cancer treatment

The diagnosis that shaped her destiny

Cathy spent the early years of her career working in business, including a small family business. Soon after that business was closed down, Cathy noticed a lump in her breast. 

She was quickly diagnosed with breast cancer. 

When Cathy went to her gym to tell them she would be pulling back her membership — something profound occurred: three people she knew at this gym strongly encouraged her not to give up exercise - despite the doctors’ advice to cut out her activity.

Her friends said, “you are not going to do that. We need you to exercise. We want you to take these supplements.” Suddenly, Cathy had three people working with her in three different areas. This coaching made a significant impact on her, as her cancer treatments went incredibly well. 

Cathy noticed that many others who were getting chemotherapy along with her did not have as smooth of an experience. One lady ended up in the hospital, which prompted Cathy to analyze why her treatment went better than others. 

Cathy went back to school and earned a certification with the national association of professional cancer coaches.

Her new journey to helping other people deal with cancer was underway. 

What does Cathy, the nutritionist, recommend for a cancer patient’s diet?

Cathy understands that each person is unique and has unique needs. So she starts there. 

The foundation of her nutritional approach to cancer care is the microbiome. She helps educate her clients on what the microbiome is, how it affects your health, and how to take care of it. The microbiome is something doctors still are not attending to, and many are not any more knowledgeable about it than most laypeople. 

Cathy also gets her clients to increase their fiber intake, begin eating (or increase) the intake of fermented foods and add more color into their diet. She also likes to add probiotics if possible. Be sure to discuss these factors between the patient and their doctor before implementation. 

The proper time to eat is also a part of Cathy’s coaching. She also talks with each client about body cycles and circadian rhythms. 

There is so much more to Cathy’s cancer coaching - you need to listen to this episode to get all the nuggets of wisdom she brings to this topic. If you know someone facing a cancer diagnosis, please share this podcast episode with them. Cathy makes a difference in the lives of those she serves. 

Cathy also has a ton of tips on ways you can “stack the deck” in your favor to avoid a cancer diagnosis. Be sure to tune it. Wade asks all the right questions, and this conversation is quite encouraging despite the “scary” topic!

Check out this episode - cancer coaching could save the life of someone you love. 

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